Ep. 65 Live Coaching With Denise Marek, Worry-Management Expert

Take another peek behind the coaches’ curtain as Darren and Mark show Denise Marek, award-winning speaker and author, how minor adjustments can have major impact. Listen as they explain how techniques like The Pause Pedestal, replacing statements with questions, the power of Reaction, and the Magic of Moments will make your good stories UNFORGETTABLE!

Ep. 36 How To Engage Your Audience Using 11 Essential Pace Elements

The need for virtual presentations has skyrocketed in recent weeks, and as presenters, none of us wants to be BORING. But how can we keep our audiences engaged…especially when they’re bombarded by children, pets, spouses/significant others, TVs, phones, package deliveries, alerts, alarms and more? Darren and Mark reveal 11 PACE ELEMENTS (the changes of pace…