Inspirational Speaker, Mark Brown, CSPThere is the dash to catch the plane, the dash to catch the train and the mad dash to get to the store before it closes. Join Mark as he takes a unique look at the most important dash of all… ‘The Dash Between the Dates!’ In this fun-filled, inspirational keynote, Mark compares the race of life to a sprinter’s dash and reveals:

• The single greatest ACTIVATOR to overcoming life’s obstacles
• 4 keys to living a meaningful, purposeful life
• The power of your influence… and of those around you
• How to be ‘fit for the race of life’

“You really put the icing on the cake with your wonderful speech. I would like to thank you
personally for such a delightful and inspiring message. Certainly, the spontaneous
standing ovation you received tells you better than I ever could just
how strongly the audience felt. It was outstanding!

James N. Ring
President / CEO of QSP, Inc.
Toronto, Canada

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