Leadership Speaker, Mark Brown, CSPLeadership is a challenge…no doubt about it, but success will come through PRACTICAL leadership. Mark offers time-tested techniques for successful teamwork, and expounds upon practical but powerful leadership principles which, when applied, will catapult anyone to leadership success! He will also address:

• The single mistake almost EVERY leader makes
• The flawed philosophy that stifles leadership growth
• The popular adage that destroys your team
• Two terrific tools for boosting team morale

“Your presentation as the keynote of our annual convention was nothing short of inspiring!
Our group is made up of highly accomplished trucking industry leaders and sales professionals with years
of experience directing the activities of major companies inside and outside the state of Tennessee.
They can be a tough audience to say the least, but, you completely captured them with
your energy, passion and the conviction of your message!

Dave Huneryager
President & CEO
Tennessee Trucking Association

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