Presentation Coaching Overview

Whether you are a corporate executive, emerging speaker, Toastmasters speech contestant, or someone who desires to be more effective on the platform, Mark will customize a coaching program specifically designed to fit your personal style and personality, regardless of your level of proficiency.

His services include providing assistance with:

  • The entire script creation process as needed
  • Identifying your message
  • Selecting the best personal stories to support and effectively convey your message
  • Maximizing platform presentation skills

Mark’s process is simple and effective, and it includes:

  • Review & assessment of videos & PowerPoint slides
  • Recommendations and suggestions for improving/enhancing visual aids
  • Review & assessment of existing scripts
  • Recommendations include, but are not limited to a comprehensive treatment of
    • Language
    • Imagery
    • Theme
    • Flow
    • Storytelling techniques
    • Humor
    • Characters
    • Dialogue
    • Creating ‘Verbal Visuals’
    • Gestures and Body Language
    • Use of the platform/stage
    • Props

The objective of the speech coaching experience with Mark is simple…to help you EXCEL as a communicator. To that end, Mark will conveniently conduct sessions in person, or via Zoom. He will assign targeted ‘assignments’ after each session, designed to foster your continual, progressive development.

Executive Speech Coaching with Mark Brown