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Deliver Unforgettable Presentations:

How to Speak to Be Remembered and Repeated
In-Person, Online, and Onstage

The ability to stand up and speak eloquently in public is the number-one skill guaranteed to position a professional ahead of the crowd. And yet, this skill is often ignored or even feared. Patricia Fripp, Darren LaCroix, and Mark Brown, three legends in the speaking industry, are on a mission to show that with guidance and dedication, anyone can deliver an unforgettable presentation.

What you will learn from this book are timeless techniques and proven principles that, when adopted, will increase the likelihood of becoming unforgettable. Following this step-by-step process will make it easier for you to create your unforgettable presentation, whether your goal is to speak professionally, advance your career, or promote your business.

Here’s what others are saying about Deliver Unforgettable Presentations:

Deliver Unforgettable Presentations goes right to the heart of the books’ title.
I now view everything I thought I knew about being an ‘unforgettable’ speaker
with a fresh set of lenses. Beyond providing the essential tools to tap into the
heart of the human spirit with a good speech, the authors teach us how to polish
our presentations so they shine! A must-read by anyone with a message who
plans to stand in front of an audience , deliver with confidence, and be remembered.
Dr. Anthony Pantaleno
United States

“Whether you’re starting a business or running one, nothing will provide you
with faster shortcut to success than this book. In my experience, nothing will
elevate your business faster than having the tools to be a good speaker.
The confidence you can get when you know what you’re doing
when you take the platform can be life-changing.”
Mitzi Perdue
Businesswoman, Speaker,
Author of Tough Man, Tender Chicken

Speaker’s EDGE

Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience

Get the Edge That Only the Masterminds
Behind the World Champions’ EDGE Can Give You!

Whether your next presentation is in front of three people in a boardroom or three thousand in a convention center, you can create the kind of connection that leaves all of your audiences wanting more. Quickly tap into 73 years of onstage experience from five world-famous speaker coaches.

This powerful book will give you the tools to:

  • Improve your platform presence and take command of the stage.
  • Become internationally known as a content-rich speaker who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Win every deal you set your sights on and enjoy the vast rewards. This is your one-stop shop for speaking success.
  • Learn to master structure, content, and delivery all in one place – the Speaker’s EDGE!

Here’s what others are saying about the tools
you will only get in the Speaker’s EDGE :

“My class feedback said that I was inspiring — that I was phenomenal!
I was asked if I speak outside the Learning Annex. Your teachings DO WORK.”
Isaak Gelbinovich
Staten Island, New York

“You don’t know how much being part of the EDGE has helped me personally and professionally.
I owe my new job with a 20-percent increase in base pay to my involvement with
Toastmasters and connecting with the Champs and Patricia Fripp.”
Bill Kennedy
Central Islip, New York

“I’ve just returned from Finland where I represented the UK in the European Finals
of the JCI (Junior Chamber International) Public Speaking World Championship and I won!
The tips and techniques I picked up from the Champs played a HUGE part in
helping me put together and deliver a winning speech. Thank you so much!”
Simon Bucknall
London, England

“The EDGE is the premier educational resource for speakers of all experience levels.”
Chris Elliott
Columbus, Ohio

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