Speaking at a hybrid event can be exciting, rewarding, and challenging. Imagine HOSTING one…especially after not having done so in three years!  Mark and Darren share a few of the mistakes they made, and the lessons they learned hosting GAME CHANGERS 2022 – ALL IN, their first LIVE event in three years. As you continue your speaking journey, these ideas and principles will help to make you and your events unforgettable!


  • Build your team with the right people who have a heart to help
  • Engage a solid A/V crew to handle technical challenges
  • The right equipment matters, using it effectively matters more
  • A Chat-Master with a microphone makes a huge difference in the Zoom room
  • Tools like Planning Center are critical for an effective ‘run of show’
  • A team of live attendees in the Zoom room enhances virtual engagement
  • Create one breakout room for each speaker to engage the virtual audience
  • A ‘catch-box’ is a fun way of engaging the live audience