What does it take to be ‘at the top of your game’ on LIVE television and radio every day, as well as being unforgettable in a variety of speaking situations? Darren and Mark get answers from professional speaker, sports broadcaster, and TV personality Chris Broussard, known globally for his incisive coverage and analysis of the NBA. He shares his presentation experiences as a television sports analyst on FS1’s ‘FIRST THINGS FIRST’, radio co-host on Fox Sports Radio’s ‘THE ODD COUPLE’, professional speaker, interviewer, and panel speaker, providing insight and perspective on delivering in diverse speaking situations. Apply these principles, and you can be unforgettable…on stage, online, and on camera!


  • Preparation is key in every speaking environment
  • Writing notes can help you remember the flow of your presentation
  • Devise a method for staying calm when things go wrong.
  • Use stories effectively and include balanced humor
  • Prepare for a panel like you prepare for a paper. RESEARCH!
  • Learn skills from different experts. Don’t emulate any one person
  • Reading more and writing well can enhance your speaking expertise