Ep. 65 Live Coaching With Denise Marek, Worry-Management Expert

Take another peek behind the coaches’ curtain as Darren and Mark show Denise Marek, award-winning speaker and author, how minor adjustments can have major impact. Listen as they explain how techniques like The Pause Pedestal, replacing statements with questions, the power of Reaction, and the Magic of Moments will make your good stories UNFORGETTABLE!

Ep. 64 Lessons from the Master Mentor David Brooks

Imagine: Winning the World Championship of Public Speaking with a timeless message, pioneering unconventional attire & audience response, and mentoring several other finalists and champions, including co-hosts Darren and Mark. Meet David Brooks, hear his journey, glean from his experience, and learn how excellent writing can make your presentation UNFORGETTABLE! If you are a Toastmaster…

Ep. 60 How to Handle a Controversial Subject with Sadika Kebbi

How do you deliver a potentially controversial presentation with grace and dignity, yet be effective without being offensive, and ultimately become UNFORGETTABLE? Mark and Darren get answers from Lebanese storyteller and academic Sadika Kebbi, as she expounds on the power of a personal story and reveals her unique techniques for making her presentations UNFORGETTABLE!

Ep. 56 How to Create Unforgettable Magic Moments

Unforgettable presentations have MOMENTS…scenes, conversations, statements, and emotions that resonate with the audience or with the presenter. These are the moments that remain in our minds and hearts. Darren and Mark talk about three specific categories of Magic Moments, provide examples from their experiences, and offer advice on both identifying and creating magic moments…moments that…