You’ve invested hours preparing to deliver your unforgettable presentation, and you are READY! Right before you take the stage, the MC recites your bio, or decides to ‘wing it’ after a quick glance at your LinkedIn profile. Maybe they decide to tell a 4-minute story about the time they met you, and you can feel the air being sucked out of the room as the audience ‘checks out’. How do you avoid this? Darren asks Mark about his 7-Step Process for creating an engaging introduction, and they discuss the benefits of writing your OWN introduction. They also explain how a bad introduction will make any presenter unforgettable…for the wrong reasons.


  • Write your own introduction
  • Set up the listening
  • Give the audience a reason to lean in before you say a word
  • Send your intro to the introducer and meeting planner
  • Have a call with your introducer before the event
  • Remember the meeting planner is handling several issues; make it easy
  • Panic-proof the process for your introducer and meeting planner
  • Bring two copies of your introduction with you