In North America, Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun and family. In this first LIVE brainstorming session, Mark and Darren come up with ideas for gleaning story and presentation ideas from the Thanksgiving holiday…and any other traditional family holiday experience. They reveal the what, the how and the why behind uncovering fresh and engaging material…while having family fun! Apply these ideas, find new material, and be unforgettable .


  • Mine the memories
  • Deputize your family to be your coach
  • Don’t hold the gold or let it grow mold; it must be told
  • Record conversations
  • Capture details
  • Recall ‘first-time’ attendee stories
  • Elevate the elders and the young people in the family
  • Focus on the food
  • Remember those who are no longer here
  • Examine traditions (who always sits where, games, family walks)
  • Update your story folder