With experience comes the risk of being comfortable and too casual. Today Mark and Darren look at areas where presenters can become casual, and how costly it can be. They share behaviors to avoid…and confess to having been guilty of some…and offer practices that can help any presenter stay on their ‘A’ game to be unforgettable, both on and off the stage.


  • Don’t neglect to write your own introduction
  • Don’t fall into trap of thinking you can ‘wing it’
  • Don’t ‘phone it in’; show up and shine
  • You can never over-communicate with clients and meeting planners
  • Use custom visuals and avoid clipart and public domain images
  • Examine the image you project off-stage; at the airport, in the hotel, etc.
  • Ask yourself if it’s time to update your profile photo and wardrobe
  • Re-assess your on-stage persona
  • Engage an image consultant if necessary