Do you have a presentation that has served you well for quite a while? Have you made any modifications recently? Could it be time for a ‘refresher’?

Today Mark and Darren have a frank discussion about REVIEWING and RENEWING your presentation. They extend their conversation to examine how you show up for every presentation, and how you can ‘up your game.’ Their advice will help you to be unforgettable in every speaking environment.


  • With experience you bring new ideas, knowledge and expertise
  • Refresh your presentation or sermon
  • Update your stories
  • Take another look at your infographics and visual aids
  • Review your examples and supporting evidence
  • Are your references outdated
  • Adopt new interactive tools like Menti and others
  • Assess your workshop activities
  • Replace your demo video if necessary
  • Should you revise your website and social media profiles
  • Examine your persona before, during and after your talk