Success as a presenter takes work, along with the insight and guidance of mentors and coaches. Today, Mark and Darren have a heart-to-heart conversation with author, professional guitarist, mountain climber and Certified Speaking Professional Manley Feinberg II. He opens up about his work ethic, his rapid growth and transformation as a presenter, and the precious nuggets of wisdom he has gleaned from years of working with multiple qualified coaches. The principles he shares, when applied diligently, can help any presenter to become unforgettable.


  • Get close to the best people in your chosen field
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Surround yourself with qualified coaches
  • Constantly develop your skills and invest in your self-development
  • Work in the ‘off-season’
  • Bring as much off stage as you do on stage
  • Relentlessly pursue excellence
  • Find valid, relevant ways to use all your gifts and talents
  • Love your audience