Your presentation title can have a greater impact on your potential audience than you may think. A strategically written title can inspire prospective meeting planners and audience members to think, “I need to hear THAT!” Today Darren and Mark discuss the emotional impact of a speech title and provide 3 strategies for writing effective speech titles. Sharing their own experience with ineffective titles, they also explore how a sub-title can reinforce the value of your message and give your prospects reasons to listen to your unforgettable presentation.


  • A well-written speech title can have a powerful emotional effect
  • A good title generates curiosity
  • Your title should provide clarity, not confusion
  • Craft a title that shows how your talk can meet the audience’s desire
  • An effective title can show how the audience can avoid pain
  • Test your title and get feedback; change the title if necessary
  • Listen to your target market and craft a title that speaks to their need
  • Join industry groups and forums, and social media groups
  • Athletes don’t start training the week before the season starts
  • A coach provides inspiration and instills confidence