“Why do I even NEED a coach? I’m doing fine on my own and I’m getting better!” As true as that may be, Mark and Darren offer four reasons why getting a qualified speaking coach is essential to your exponential growth as a speaker. They share testimonial statements from a few of their clients, wisdom from other coaches, and their own experiences being coached, to prove that qualified coaching can make any presenter unforgettable.


  • The problem with being self-taught: the teacher isn’t that good. Mike Rayburn
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • A coach will see in you that which you don’t even know exists
  • Ask a successful coachee what qualified coaching has done for them
  • Let (your coach’s) long road be your short cut. Craig Valentine
  • Taking risks expands your boundaries
  • A coach will shorten your learning curve and expedite your growth process
  • Athletes don’t start training the week before the season starts
  • A coach provides inspiration and instills confidence