Imagine believing that you lack the heart, brains and courage to take the Yellow Brick Road of public speaking, so it takes you SIX MONTHS to give your first speech in your second language…to a friendly audience. Nitay-Yair Levi has a conversation with Darren, Mark and guest host Mike Davis about his journey to the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking, where he finished in 2nd place. He expounds on his unforgettable technique of using the video camera to transform his virtual stage, the tremendous amount of work it took to deliver his messages, and his continuing journey along his Yellow Brick Road.


• Create an emotional reset
• Don’t focus on your ego
• Be ‘intelligently naïve’ and question why

  • Your Speech: Deliver what it MUST be, not what it SHOULD be
  • Be a servant to your message
  • Use a foundational sound and a foundational gesture
  • Your level of success is directly linked to your level of discomfort