“If you want to get booked, you need a demo reel!” This is now common advice for speakers. But what makes a good speaker demo reel? Where do you begin? Today Mark and Darren find out from Chris West, Founder and Owner of Video Narrative, Inc. and the authority on outstanding speaker demo reels. His advice provides a roadmap of the steps necessary for you to create your unforgettable speaker demo reel!


• Position yourself in a category of ONE

• Turn your story into a video narrative

• Your video should be like a good movie

• Meeting planners view video to create their short list

• Meeting Planners look for reasons to disqualify you

• It is your #1 sales tool

• It should clearly distinguish you as the one, or NOT the one

• It must define problems, teach tactics, give you credibility and show results

• It should be under four minutes long

• It should answer the question, “Why should we choose you?”