“Don’t give a speech; deliver an EXPERIENCE!” is an exhortation that co-host Mark offers frequently. Today he and Darren dive into the ‘3-D’ technique they used with a recent coaching client. They discuss how this technique will help you to authentically recreate and relive the scenes in your stories, elevate your audience’s experience, and make your story unforgettable.  


• Go beyond stage-ology

• Recreate and re-live your stories

• Anchor scene locations in your speaking area

• Anchor points of wisdom to specific locations in your speaking area

• Use post-its to represent and rehearse specific locations in a scene

• Use stage depth for realistic distances in scenes

• Use angles to correctly depict the location of objects and characters

• Realistically show character height differences when standing, sitting etc.

• Visit speaking location beforehand and map out post-it locations