As important as our unforgettable presentations may be, let’s not neglect the impact of our relationships and our network. They help us make connections with our audiences, our clients, and our world. This is just one nugget of wisdom that Mark and Darren get from author, podcaster and Certified Speaking Professional Thom Singer, an expert in the areas of engagement and connections. Tom also explains how we can become memorable by the stories we tell and how we tell them. Most importantly, he proves that by connecting with event planners and audiences before and after our presentation, we can be unforgettable.


  • Your network should not just be about the next sale
  • Business relationships are not just about business
  • Likes, links, shares and follows are not the key to business success
  • Digital connections are not the same as shared experiences
  • Knowing you doesn’t mean they like, trust and respect you
  • Don’t show up, speak and leave
  • Attend every event networking opportunity, like VIP mixers and dinners
  • Your speech is not the only way to connect with your audience
  • We react to stories more than to data
  • Use stories to touch the audience’s emotions and inspire them