Today’s guest Annie Sarnblad is a global expert on microexpressions…facial expressions that last a short time but reveal a great deal about us. In this lively and enlightening conversation, Darren, Mark and Annie discuss how microexpressions show our true emotions, help us read our clients/prospects, and help us connect with our audiences. Most importantly, by understanding microexpressions we can serve our audiences with compassion…which can make any presenter unforgettable .


  • We are all wired with the same facial expressions
  • In a meeting, always look at eyes first
  • When their pupils dilate, they are most receptive
  • Humans crave human connection, interaction and joy
  • No need to create emotion; when we feel it our facial expression will show it
  • Share your humanity with your audience by being authentic and real
  • Attend every event networking opportunity, like VIP mixers and dinners
  • Your audience may show disengagement; be kind and love them
  • When we read each other better, we can be kinder and more forgiving
  • Use stories to touch the audience’s emotions and inspire them