There may come a point when a speaker decides to become a professional…a pro. Others take it one step further and decide to ‘Go Pro’. But what does that mean, exactly? What’s the difference between being a Pro and Going Pro? Are there levels of Going Pro? How does one do it? Today Darren and Mark get these answers and more from the Go Pro expert: author and Hall-Of-Fame speaker Jim Cathcart. Jim breaks down the process and gives actionable ideas to help any presenter with an unforgettable presentation to Go Pro.


  • Rules, standards & expectations change when you decide to Go Pro
  • Identify your level of aspiration as a professional
  • Avoid any lack of integrity
  • Be valuable, intentional, disciplined, accountable and honorable
  • Identify the habit that will transform you in five years
  • Create the reputation that you want to have
  • Create a PASSION AND PURPOSE statement
  • Be intentional about who is in your circle
  • Ask: “Who is glad that they know me?”
  • Adopt a ‘Thought Diet’