“…but if I don’t memorize, how will I remember my speech?” That’s not an uncommon question, but here’s a more important one: Does memorizing really allow you deliver your best presentation? Today Darren and Mark talk about a better option…INTERNALIZING. Along with explaining the difference between memorizing and internalizing, they elaborate on three specific techniques for internalizing your meaningful message and delivering your unforgettable presentation.


  • If you’re in your head, your emotions are dead
  • Move your body while you rehearse; get the speech into your body
  • Use conversational language, it’s easier to internalize
  • Relive experiences rather than retell stories
  • Record yourself and in a mini recorder and rehearse along with it
  • Rehearse along with an audio/video recording of your best performance
  • Use STRUCTURE rather than a script to help you internalize
  • Anchoring yourself to specific spots on stage aids internalization
  • Be present; let go of the idea of perfection
  • Let your slides be your guides