What are some of your recent GAME CHANGERS that have helped you to grow? Today Mark and Darren talk about some of the decisions they have made, the actions they have taken, and the tools they have utilized to ‘change the game’ for their businesses. They also share wisdom from some of the partners upon whom they lean for guidance, speakers at Stage Time University’s 2022 GAME CHANGERS ALL IN event. These game changers may be just what you need to make you unforgettable! Go to: http://www.StageTimeLive.com


  • Have a functional website that serves your needs and goals
  • Put contact info on your home page
  • Get a Google phone number for your business
  • Create a demo video that shows you can speak in person or virtually
  • Automate your processes
  • You can use TikTok to increase your visibility
  • Repackage and repurpose what you already have