What exactly is your ‘personal brand’? Mark and Darren get the answer from Rory Vaden, author, Hall of Fame speaker, and co-founder of the Brand Builders Group. With a frank and direct approach, Rory emphasizes the value of completely surrendering to a work ethic and clarifying your message. He also shares how leaning into your calling and identifying your uniqueness will help you to uncover your personal brand, and how focusing on service can make you, and your presentations, unforgettable!


  • Ask yourself WHY you speak
  • Think of yourself as a conduit of a message to the world
  • Use your humor and stories as weapons to break audience barriers
  • If you’re really good, you can change a life in an hour
  • Your calling is the result of a signal sent by someone who needs you
  • You’re most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were
  • Diluted focus leads to diluted results

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