Nobody wants to make mistakes, but we all do…emerging speakers and experienced professionals alike. In this episode, Darren and Mark talk with their mentor, Hall Of Fame Speaker Patricia Fripp, and co-author of their new book DELIVER UNFORGETTABLE PRESENTATIONS. They discuss and expound on some common mistakes, and reveal a few others that presenters fail to recognize or acknowledge. This conversation sheds some light on simple adjustments that any speaker can make to transform speech into an unforgettable presentation.


  • There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake – Robert Fripp
  • Work harder for your client than everyone else does
  • Customize to incorporate the unique differences of every audience
  • Don’t use language in that you would not use in daily conversation
  • Prepare for the responsibility of speaking before getting the assignment
  • Sameness is far more than a boring monotone. Avoid it
  • Pause. There is not ‘nothing’ in silence
  • Don’t cause cognitive overload by giving too much information
  • For technical presentations, start simple and build up to the advanced