“Speak to TEENAGERS?” To some, that’s normal. To others, it’s SCARY. Today Mark draws from his 20+ years serving the youth market, as he and Darren discussion how to effectively connect with and serve that tricky age group of 11 – 18 years old. What they share will make it a lot less scary and will set you up for successful youth presentations.

  • You may not want to, but you may get to speak to youth
  • Learn their ‘language’ and what is important to them
  • Learn what ‘moves’ youth by speaking with your children and grandchildren
  • Your nieces, nephews, and neighbor’s children may be more open than yours
  • Friends/family who are educators or work in schools can teach you a lot
  • Show interest in young people, and show that you care about them
  • Let them see themselves in your stories
  • Entertain them. You are competing with television and social media
  • Draw from experiences you had at their age