Does your life hold an untold story? Perhaps one you tried before that didn’t work well, so you abandoned it? Maybe you thought it wasn’t powerful enough. Mark and Darren have a discussion on stories that remain inside us…stories that need to be heard. They share how to find them and offer suggestions for resurrecting and honing them. They also explore why those stories can be meaningful and offer specific action steps for revealing what just might be the greatest story you have never told.

  • You may not see the value in your own story because you are too close to it
  • Our ‘tragic’ story can be meaningful but we fail to see its significance
  • One man’s mundane is another man’s magnificent
  • You can move your story from ‘meh’ to memorable
  • Testing an old story with a new audience can bring surprising responses
  • An old story with a new application can yield powerful results
  • Your experience over time has made you a better presenter
  • Your maturity has given you a new perspective on your story
  • Revisit your story folder; you’ll find a story you have never told