In this follow-up to last week’s episode about preparing to be a panelist, Darren and Mark share how some of the DOs and DON’Ts in Ep 153 have helped them. They served on separate panels in recent weeks, and in the aftermath of their recent panelist appearances, they discuss additional lessons they learned during that process. Additionally, they offer advice which, when applied, will equip you with techniques to make your panelist experiences unforgettable.

  • You can’t possibly share all you know on your subject. Be succinct.
  • Serving with the right co-panelists is important
  • Learn the moderator’s and co-panelists’ credentials before hand
  • Establish rapport with the moderator and co-panelists before the event
  • When possible, get a look at the moderator’s questions ahead of the event
  • Authentically edify your co-panelists
  • Convert stories to anecdotes; time is limited
  • Be willing to defer to a co-panelist when appropriate