What can speakers learn from an award-winning vocalist? Darren and Mark find out from Wintley Phipps, an internationally known singer who has performed for millions, including Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and five American presidents. Wintley dispenses wisdom on identifying the lyrical musicality in our voices, using our voices with purpose, and employing language that will be remembered and repeated. These techniques will help any speaker to speak lyrically and be unforgettable.


  • Your voice is an instrument of purpose
  • There is great musicality in your speaking voice, develop it
  • Speak the way you sing, and sing the way you speak
  • Every speaker can benefit from a musical vocal coach
  • Every speaker makes mistakes in every presentation
  • Great speakers turn stumbles into pirouettes
  • You don’t have to compromise to be recognized
  • Use language in a musical way
  • Speak to everyone with respect
  • Rehearse and refine your words to make them unforgettable