As speakers we are constantly being evaluated. But how should we respond to criticism, especially when it’s quite harsh? Darren and Mark discuss different types of criticism and offer ways to not only cope with it, but to grow from it. They also provide specific ways to approach criticism and discuss when it’s appropriate to ‘push back’. Handling criticism is an important step on your journey to becoming unforgettable.


  • You will get criticism; it is a part of the business of speaking
  • The timing of criticism can be critical to how it’s received
  • Consider the intent of the individual offering criticism
  • If criticism seems harsh, give grace, and maintain your dignity & composure
  • Look for the value of critical comments
  • People will criticize your performance; they are not criticizing you
  • Be careful not to obsess if only one person in a group is critical
  • Know when to say ‘no’ when someone offers criticism at the wrong time
  • When criticized, review and rehearse your performance
  • Review criticism with your mentor or coach.
  • Before offering criticism, remember all of the above