What can writing, producing, and performing a comedy television show teach us about being unforgettable presenters? 29-time Emmy Award winner and Hall Of Fame Speaker Bill Stainton provides the answers in this frank discussion with Darren and Mark. He shares the untapped power of your background, the value of giving yourself permission to fail, and how producing your speech like a television program can make you unforgettable.


  • Think like a producer
  • The right combination of skills can lead to your success
  • What are the skills BEHIND your skills
  • Give yourself permission to fail
  • Leaving your audience on a low point is professional malpractice
  • Unforgettable lives at the intersection of writing, producing, and performing
  • Build ‘bathroom blocker’ moments so your audience can’t look away
  • Give your audience a reason to say, “I WANT THAT!”
  • Nail the last 5-10 minutes of your presentation