Imagine that 25 years of your life story includes writing songs as a teenager in Cape Town, South Africa, singing professionally in Nashville, Tennessee, acting on television and in movies, building a professional speaking career, and becoming the 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking. It would be a great read…and Verity Price has lived it. She chats with Darren and Mark, elaborating on her unique journey and revealing her secrets to being unforgettable. These include getting coached, focusing on your message, seizing opportunity, and listening to your instincts.

• It’s not “Who will pay me?”; it’s “Who needs my message?”
• Say “Yes” to opportunities
• Your story doesn’t change, but your message can shift
• Listen to your coach, but listen to your instincts as well

  • Your STRUGGLE: you must be able to laugh about it before you can talk about it.
  • Is your story being written FOR you, or BY you?