A speaker at an event you’re attending can’t make it and someone asks YOU to step in on very short notice. Are you READY? Today Mark and Darren share insights on how and why to be ready for any presentation opportunity. They also disclose the benefits, to you and others, of being ready. 


• Don’t GET ready; KEEP ready


• Identify the opportunity, jump on it, own it


• Have a ‘front pocket’ speech ready to go at all times


• Attend events with a servant’s heart


• Introduce and offer yourself to meeting planner an event staff


• Ask yourself what presentation you would give if a speaker doesn’t show up


• Be willing to fill the void; you will make the meeting planner the hero


• New relationships; the speaker who couldn’t show, audience, event planner


• If you get stuck, refer another presenter; others will refer you, so BE READY