“But I wasn’t born funny!” may be a common exclamation, so what’s the SECRET to being funny? For answers, Darren and Mark turn to television producer and comedy writer Chris McGuire has worked with celebrity talent like Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Arsenio Hall and Snoop Dog. Lessons from his experience behind the scenes and on the stage will help you to be unforgettable.


• Confront your discomfort


• Pay attention to the news of the day


• Use your experience and your interests


• Filter out the raw material and choose the best bits


• Write 20 jokes to get 2 good ones


• Keep a notebook and write 3 ideas a day; that’s 90 a month, 1,000 a year


• Authenticity is key


• Be willing to bomb


• Don’t give up too soon and get up after a bad experience; move on


• Tap into common experiences with your audience