You’ve worked hard, you’ve rehearsed, you’ve delivered your presentation…perhaps several times…and it’s GOOD. But is it good ENOUGH? Today Mark and Darren take a look at the dangers of thinking a presentation is ‘good enough’ and offer suggestions for avoiding the confidence that can become arrogance. They also discuss the mindset and strategies that can help you make a good presentation UNFORGETTABLE.


  • How do you define ‘good enough?’
  • Ego gets in the way
  • Confidence can be your enemy
  • Is your presentation as good as it can be?
  • How good COULD it be?
  • It’s never good enough
  • Deliver like it’s the last time
  • Perfection is a dream; improvement is a reality
  • Be coachable
  • Prepare Properly
  • Test, test, test