Each year, 35,000 people enter the Toastmasters International Speech Contest with the dream of becoming the World Champion of Public Speaking. For this special three-part podcast series, World Champions Mark and Darren are joined by guest coach Mike Davis and a live webinar audience as they review the speeches of the top 3 winners in 2022. In this episode, they review the in-person presentation of the second runner-up, Mas Mahathir Bin Mohamad, highlighting what he did well and offering recommendations for enhancing his presentation.

  • Unique but tasteful attire is an asset
  • Dialogue enhances the audience’s experience
  • In dialogue, characters communicate with each other, not the audience
  • Consistent portrayal of characters makes them more real
  • A foundational phrase makes the message memorable
  • Identify scenes in your speaking area and remain consistent
  • Couplets like UNCONVENTIONAL/UNCONDITIONAL are very effective
  • Be very clear with your main message
  • The camera is another person in the room