The Fripp Presentation Model is the perfect tool for preparing presentations that are well-structured, flow smoothly, and contain all the elements that transform a speech into an experience. Co-hosts Mark and Darren continue to use the model when they prepare new presentations…from keynotes to multiple-day workshops. So, what is it, and what’s the story behind it? Today Mark and Darren get the answers from the originator herself, their mentor, Hall Of Fame Speaker Patricia Fripp, co-author of their new book DELIVER UNFORGETTABLE PRESENTATIONS. Patricia explains the origin of the model, its components, how it works, and most importantly WHY it works. Their discussion reveals how this proven process has served them for decades, and how it can help you to prepare an unforgettable presentation.


  • The model uses principles that apply to any type of presentation
  • The principles will be the same, the examples will be different
  • “Good structure brings you confidence and your audience clarity.” – Darren
  • Trust the process
  • Structure is the skeleton under the flesh of your words
  • Provide chunks of content with supporting examples
  • After each chunk, give your audience an opportunity to reflect
  • Use a chorus or echo as your transition
  • Speak to the audience of your audience