Your expertise can earn you a seat on the platform as a panelist. Today Darren and Mark and Darren unpack the DOs and DON’Ts of serving as a panelist, and examine some critical pre-event responsibilities which, when followed, will help you to be an unforgettable panelist.

  • Ask organizers the objective and intent of the panel
  • Speak with the moderator in advance by phone or in person
  • Ask the moderator how you can best serve them, and the audience
  • Check your ego at the door; you are one of many experts on the panel
  • Be open to differing perspectives offered by the other panelists
  • If some disagrees with you, don’t get huffy or make unkind faces
  • Honor time limits set by the moderator; it shows respect to all
  • You can’t possibly share all you know on your subject. Be succinct.
  • Answer questions in sound bites. Moderators will allow 1-2 minutes

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