Whose Story Is It?

Some years ago, I received a disturbing private message from a fellow speaker ‘Sam’, in another country. They were attending a weekend seminar by a very prominent, highly paid professional speaker, but they admitted that they were inclined to leave immediately. When I asked “Why?” they said, “I can’t believe this person just told Val’s […]


Each year, during the week before Easter, thousands of high school athletes compete in the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships (better known as Champs) in my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. ‘Champs’ is the biggest track and field event involving high school students anywhere in the world, and the event […]

Being A Good Listener, Mark Brown Speaks

Being a Good Speaker Begins with Being a Good LISTENER

Thoughts shared with the Hindu Business Line during my recent visit to Chennai, India. http://www.bloncampus.com/hangout-at-bloc/being-a-good-speaker-begins-with-being-a-good-listener/article9988347.ece Mark L Brown World Champion of Public Speaking 1-914-217-4345 www.MarkBrownSpeaks.com @MarkLeoBrown MAKE THIS AN OUTSTANDING DAY!

Fear Of Success, Mark Brown Speaks

The Fear of Success?

Several years ago, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something different for my wife Andrea. So instead of leaning on the good folks at Hallmark…which many men do…I decided to MAKE her a greeting card. Now this was 15 years ago, before the days of ‘saying it on Facebook.’ With great […]


In 1992 I worked as an IT professional for a New York bank that was being absorbed by another financial institution. My responsibilities involved preparing account files for conversion, testing the conversion process, and providing test files to the receiving bank prior to final conversion. The project was on a strict timetable, and I was […]

What’s in a Word?

Recently, after speaking at a high school, I met with students and faculty to talk about conflict resolution. One young man suggested a debate, and the administrator IMMEDIATELY responded. “No! No debates; we can arrange a DISCUSSION.” He made me think about the impact of our word selection…in presentations, and conversations. As a professional communicator […]


“Oh! You’re a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER!” That’s often the response that I get when I tell people that I speak professionally. To be honest, I cringe inwardly because I’m not enamored of the term ‘motivational speaker’…and here’s why: I can’t motivate a soul. Sure…I’ve often WANTED to motivate a few individuals…especially my children, but I’m convinced […]

Mark Brown, Can We Talk?

Can We Talk!

Over the past 20 years, I’ve noticed that more and more, individuals have their heads buried in their mobile devices, even while in the company of others. On one occasion, I snapped a photo of the 9 other passengers who were with me on a rental car shuttle, and they were completely unaware because they […]